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Maybe somebody already posted about this on some SPN community, but I haven't seen it referenced in the newsletter or on supernatural_tv so I thought I'd post the link. Actress Serinda Swan was recounting an experience she had while guesting on SPN:

"I had memorized my one line over and over making sure I wouldn't screw up my scene with Jensen Ackles, who since watching him on days of our lives for a few years kinda made me swoon (needless to say this didn't help things much) So as the director yells 'action' and Jensen walks up, instead of "hi, what can I do for you? coming out of my mouth, a stilted " I do you? horrifically came out. To which we both just stared at each other not sure what to say until the director yelled 'cut'. By that time I was the color of a tomato, thought my life was about to end, and everyone was howling, telling me that it was going to make the blooper reel."
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I have a post regarding RP fic here which uses The French Mistake as a point of discussion.
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A lot of people found some of the scenes in Caged Heat out of character-especially for Castiel. I disagree with that sentiment.

It probably goes with out saying, but there are spoilers at the link.
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In one of the better episodes of the season, Gamble and Singer did well in juxtaposing character moments with arc and episodic drama. I think I would have reacted better to it had last week's episode not taken place though.
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I'm not sure I've ever loathed an episode of SPN so much before it was even over, especially when the writers were actually dealing with their seasonal arc. So if you adored this episode, this will not be the discussion for you.
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On the whole, I'd say this episode was not that different from Adam Glass' first script. Although I had various issues with 6.02 in terms of how it moved the plot along (namely, that it left some gaping logic holes that someone should have been talking about), it otherwise moved along fairly well and balanced some good character moments with action scenes. Considering its placement after the confusing and overstuffed 6.01, that was welcome enough. Although I wasn't particularly enthralled with this episode, I felt there was a largely successful attempt here to set up some characterization moments, move the arc forward, and deliver a little action and suspense.
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I mean this not just in the sense that the central conflict of the episode is a rerun, but also that having an episode with an interesting concept which doesn't really pay off is something we got just last week.
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Not a clunker, but I found myself wondering if the tepid tone of the episode was intentional, or just due to choppy writing and editing.
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It only took six seasons, but finally SPN's longest running supporting character has gotten his day. Literally.
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I think one thing this show needs is more Ben Edlund episodes. There are things that could have been a little more organic here, but this was a pretty interesting episode in various ways, and it was fairly well put together.
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It's got it's flaws (what season doesn't) but season 6 also has a lot of potential. Depending on how things play out season 6 could be the best one yet.

Can't fault a girl for hoping, can you?

The link has spoilers for Exile on Main Street, Skins, and Two and a Half Men.
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After the uneven confusion that was 6.01, the follow up nailed some required elements a lot more solidly than the season kickoff.
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Sera Gamble definitely took a page from 4.01 in this premiere, though it lacked that episode's strong finish and the choice of monster-of-the-week was decidedly unwise.
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Well, as with other SPN finales, I was glad this wouldn't be the last we'd see of the show. However, it was for a rather different reason than usual.
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Before the episode, ash48 posted a hypothetical list Dean would have to go through to wrap up this season’s hanging threads. Unfortunately, despite being simply a list it was more entertaining than the penultimate episode.
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I had mixed feelings about this episode, as it provided some new twists and character development but it also seemed to leave too much unexplained. Devil You Know underscored a growing problem in the series.
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I was pleasantly fooled here. From the previews, it seemed we were about to take a turn into a poorly placed MotW story. However, as was the case last season, once the final six episodes arrived, the series finally started picking up the pace in addressing the seasonal arc.
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This latest episode was notable in giving all the characters interesting things to say and do. “Point of No Return” gathered quite a few players and took them places, which is something I wish I could have seen more often this season.

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